Recording wildife sightings

Coming soon! GCER has an established wildlife recording website (currently used to provide online forms for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's "Seen a Hedgehog" survey). We intend to develop this further, adding links to ID guides, more information on how records are created and used, and better ways to add your records online.

But I've got sightings to report!

Don't worry, you can email us sightings as usual, and there is also an online alternative: iRecord is an online recording facility which links to the same data warehouse which we use with our website. We can therefore access records entered via iRecord. If you have a lot of records and would like us to add them directly to our database rather than via an online form, just get in touch and we'll arrange the most easy and straightforward transfer - for example, an export from MapMate, or a spreadsheet template.

a picture of a flower-rich meadow

more recording facilities coming soon!